The Other Grand Canyon

Homeland Series: Post Two


There’s another Grand Canyon.  Bet ya didn’t know that!  It’s a 50 mile long canyon located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, aptly named the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  It’s much greener than the Grand Canyon, and is much more suited for the northeast. I know, I know.  You are reading this and going duhhh. Sometimes I enjoy pointing out the obvious just.. because.  I guess. :)  Anyway, it’s an area that my parents and grandparents and relatives have always enjoyed visiting and I went there too a few weeks ago.  It was pretty chilly out, let me tell you!  But the fall leaves were gorgeous (aren’t they always?) and the canyon was very awe inspiring to gaze into.  In the warmer summer months, people like to go camping in the state parks on its edge and go rafting down the river in the heart of the canyon.  Since it was the middle of October when we went this time, there wasn’t much to do, and we were too cold to do much anyway, but in the summer it’s much more fun.


It’s a really cool place to just go and see because of how amazing it is and how small it makes you feel.  Creation really points out its Creator, doesn’t it?  I love being outside seeing amazing things like this.  A quick word of advice:  if you see signs for a “lookout tower” around Leonard Harrison State Park (which is the park we went to), it isn’t in use anymore.  It’s basically a privately owned tower up in the woods that has probably been out of commission for years.  It’s a waste of time searching for it, even if the little billboards and signs tell you otherwise.  Just go to the park and use the little lookouts there, they’re worth the little walk to get to them!


You can also hike down the canyon which takes several hours, if you want to.  We didn’t, just because of the weather and we didn’t really go prepared to hike.  But I’m sure it’s a beautiful hike and would really like to go back for that sometime.


Another cool little thing about the day we were up there, which is also totally random, is that there was a little snack truck up at the park that was privately owned by a couple that are maple farmers.  They had maple coffee, maple cotton candy, maple hot dogs, and of course, jugs of maple syrup!  I got a maple hot dog and it was so good.  Maple season is really the spring up here, but it’s sort of one of those “cozy-esque” (is that even a word?) flavors that we really enjoy in the fall as well.  Anyway, it was their last day of being up at the canyon for the season, so it was cool to catch them when we did.  You never know what you’ll find when you visit the canyon!

I hope that this short little post today has inspired you to do some autumn sightseeing in your own area before the weather gets really cold, or even to go visit the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon up here in this neck of the woods!  It’s a really neat place to visit for a day or even just an afternoon, and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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9 thoughts on “The Other Grand Canyon

      1. I think that when we were there, their prime was probably about a week or two before. But usually up in this area, I’d say it is early to mid October. I live just an hour away from Wellsboro so my town usually is in the fall color prime around that time. :)

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