Tallest 3 in New York State

That title is a little bit vague, isn’t it?

Well if you’ve followed my blog at all before, you know I am in love with waterfalls.  I’ve seen probably several dozen in my life and they never really get old.  I have had the privilege of seeing New York State’s 3 tallest waterfalls- multiple times, and I’m excited to share them with you here.

Hector Falls – Hector, NY

At 165 ft. tall, Hector Falls is the 3rd tallest waterfall in New York.  It’s located in Hector, just minutes from Watkins Glen.  A few neat things about this waterfall- it flows directly into Seneca Lake, and is easily seen from the lake.  I was out on a sailboat several months ago on the lake and we were able to see it from the boat, it was pretty cool.  Another cool thing about this one is that the main road on the eastern side of the lake goes right over the falls on a bridge.  Many people pull over on the side of the road and get out to take pictures, which is really fun and gets you up close and personal to the cascade.

Hector Falls - Sarah

American Falls (Niagara Falls) – Niagara, NY

At 170 ft. tall, American Falls, which is one of the cascades that makes up Niagara Falls as a whole, is the second tallest waterfall in the state.  I have only been to Niagara Falls twice, and it left me in awe both times.  It’s definitely a destination in and of itself.  The roar of the water is crazy and it’s unbelievable how much water goes cascades over in any given moment.  Both Niagara Falls on the US side and the Canadian side are a good destination for a long weekend trip when you just want to get away, because there is so much to do even besides admire the gorgeous waterfall!  I won’t go into too much detail here, partly because I didn’t do most of it and I haven’t had the privilege of visiting the Canadian side yet, but I’ll make sure you get that info here and here.  As one of the wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is certainly something to add to your bucket list! :)  P.S. sorry for the bad quality of the photo below, as you probably know, I like only use my own pictures on this blog and it was hard to get a good shot from the US side, but feel free to visit this link to see more beautiful pictures of this amazing creation!

Niagara Falls - Sarah

Taughannock Falls – Ulysses, NY

At 215 ft. tall, Taughannock Falls is the tallest waterfall in New York State.  It’s located in the little tiny town of Ulysses, just outside of Trumansburg just a few miles northwest of Ithaca.  While not flowing into it as directly as Hector Falls flows into Seneca, the water that falls in this cascade ends up in Cayuga Lake.  I think that this is one of the most visually stunning waterfalls I’ve ever seen, and I think most of you will probably agree.  A single drop in a relatively narrow cascade, it portrays natural beauty at its finest.  It’s located in Taughannock Falls State Park, and it takes a bit of walking on a very well kept trail to see it- at least at the bottom.  It’s a good park to spend a long afternoon in, walking, splashing in the wide riverbed (when the water level is low) and having a picnic.  If you don’t want to walk the trail, or you only have a few minutes to spare, drive up the hill to the outlook, a little area just off the road that lets you see it from the front way above.  It’s a really cool view.  If you’re ever in the Finger Lakes anytime though, this is a waterfall not to be missed.  Below are two pictures both of Taughannock.  One from below (with me!) and one from the outlook above.

taughannock below

taughannock above

New York State is full of beautful parks, waterfalls, and gorges, all of which are so fun to explore!  I hope you enjoyed this post on some of my favorite waterfalls ever- the 3 tallest in the state, and I hope it inspires you to explore your own area more, and maybe even visit mine someday! :)


5 thoughts on “Tallest 3 in New York State

  1. I’ve been to the first two. Niagara falls wasn’t long ago, on a wet misty day.
    If you’re ever in Oregon (Multenoma county, I think), the waterfalls there are spectacular too.

    1. I love Buttermilk Falls as well! Such a neat place; I have lots of memories there. And Hector Falls is very easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. It’s like a ‘blink and it’s gone’ type of thing. But now that you know you’ll have to look for it! :)

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