California Spontaneity at its Best

Back about a month and a half ago, at the end of May, my sister and I were invited on a very spontaneous trip to California.  My sister’s best friend’s family was going out to see her aunt and uncle, and we had been talking a little bit about it.  We were just saying that my sister and I should go and that it would be really fun and we should do it, not expecting it to actually happen.  Well… a couple weeks passed by and we forgot all about it; we didn’t think it would actually happen.  But then, five days before they were flying out, it came up again.  And long story short, my sister and I ended up on the airplane with them.  J  It was a really fun trip, and I am so glad I went, even though it was so last minute.  You know, sometimes I think that the trips and plans made at the last minute are sometimes the best and most memorable ones.  That was certainly true of this one!  It definitely didn’t lack adventure or spontaneity, that’s for sure!  Anyway, we were in California for only 3 days, and we packed a lot into those days, some of which I’ll talk about in my next few posts.  For this post though, I’m going to share what our initial impressions were and what we did the first day we were there, in the grand city of Los Angeles.

Venice Beach

Before I get into the fun little details of Los Angeles, I have to back up… to the airport of course, where this adventure all started!  We flew out of our little local airport on US Airways to Philadelphia, after a little scare with the weather and not being sure if the plane would even leave the airport.  But we arrived in Philadelphia safe and sound, and then we got to wait for our next flight, which would take us directly to San Diego.  That was a long flight – 5 hours, and it was just after midnight when we landed there – local Pacific Time.  We were exhausted but so excited to be in a new state all the way across the country.  We decided that since we wanted to spend the next day in LA, that we would just rent two cars and drive the two hours there right when we got out of the airport.  We arrived in Los Angeles probably around 3 am, and after some searching, found a hotel.  Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that there were nine of us all together, and we all slept in one room that night.  Like I said, an adventure! J  We woke up to a beautiful view that morning though, one of houses, and palm trees and the Hollywood hills.

Venice Beach Car

Our destination when we got up and around was Venice Beach, so we headed over there.  It’s basically one of Los Angeles’ most famous beaches for its boardwalk, which was filled with touristy type shops and food vendors.  It was nice to just walk around and be tourists.  There were actually a lot of beach houses right on the walkway between the two sides of Venice Beach and most of them were really nice.  It was totally how I pictured them to be in California, very contemporary and clean.  After a nice day in Los Angeles, just wandering around and seeing what we could find, we headed out to drive the 5 hours north to my sister’s friend’s aunt and uncle’s house.  The freeway wasn’t too congested, and it was a pretty uneventful drive.  I’ve gotta say though, the little mountains/hills in California are so much different from New York and are so interesting!  Also, the “bread bowl of America” as the long stretches of farmland is called, is very endless and sort of daunting to people used to highway exits and some form of civilization every few miles. :P  But we made it, and had a nice evening of meeting the family, eating, and sleeping!

Freeway north

Our trip to California was a spontaneous adventure for sure, and we had lots of fun!  From San Diego to San Francisco, we did a lot, so keep your eyes on Living My Adventures for future posts very soon about cable cars, scenic porch views, and even some gold! ;)

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