Good Eats in the Windy City


When in Chicago, do as the Chicagoans do.  We nailed that as far as food was concerned.  Have you ever had a Chicago style hot dog? There’s a very particular way it’s presented and prepared, so if you said you’re not sure, chances are you probably haven’t.  I had one for the very first time, and it was delicious, and very unique.  We actually had just come down from the Sky Deck, and there’s a little gift shop and café in the basement of the tower; where the elevator deposits you.  We were hungry, so we figured why not.  I wanted to see what the deal was with those uber famous hot dogs.  Let’s just say, it’s loaded.  It’s hard to pick up, actually.  But it tastes great.  I am a ketchup fanatic, but it’s very clearly defined- no ketchup on a Chicago style dog, so in the spirit of being authentic, I refrained.  (Just had to throw that in there, because for me, saying no to ketchup is practically a crime.)  You can tell what’s on it in the picture, which is below, and the sign, which is above.  It was delicious.

 hot dog

For dinner, we had to go to a Chicago pizza place that was recommended to us.  The must-go place?  Lou Malnati’s.  They have several locations throughout Chicago, so we just picked the one we were closest to when dinner time rolled around.  A little bit of history:  Lou’s father opened Chicago’s first pizzeria, where Lou worked alongside him in the 1940’s until he decided to open his own, calling it simply Lou Malnati’s, in 1971.  The pizza is good.  It’s so good that they were on an hour and a half wait, and the place was packed.  I’m not talking about several people standing around, I’m talking there is barely any room to turn around in the place you’re standing.  Bumping into the people around you wasn’t an option, it was inevitable.  Oh, and this was a Saturday night, so that probably had a little bit to do with it.  We opted for Malnati’s World Famous Buttercrust instead of the regular crust, and it was really good.  Sinking your teeth into the first bite of that pizza, and you can tell it’s unique.  The sauce was very tasty, and the mozzarella was obviously fresh.  My dad and I shared a little 9” small pizza, and it was the perfect size for us.  The atmosphere was fun, the people were nice, and the pizza was amazing.  My first true Chicago style pizza experience was definitely awesome and if you’re ever in the city and looking for true deep dish pizza, just hit up the closest Lou Malnati’s.  It’s worth the wait.

Lou Malnati's


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